Colombo Fort Railway Station Timetable - From Fort

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  • Service TypeTicketing


Train NoNameDeparture Station TimeArrival Station TimeFrequencyService
5Podi MenikeColombo-Fort 5:55Badulla 16:20Daily Runs via KandyA, B, E
6Podi MenikeBadulla 9:10Colombo-Fort 19:45Daily Runs via KandyA, B, E
9Inter City ExpressColombo Fort 7:00Kandy 9:35DailyC, E
10Inter City ExpressKandy 15:00Colombo-Fort 17:35DailyC, E
15Udarata MenikeColombo-Fort 9:45Badulla 19:05DailyA, B, E
16Udarata MenikeBadulla 5:55Colombo-Fort 15:30DailyA, B, E
19ExpressColombo-Fort 10:30Matela 16:15DailyA, B
20ExpressKandy 15:40Colombo 18:55DailyA, B
23ExpressColombo-Fort 12:40Hatton 20:00DailyA, B
29Inter City ExpressColombo-Fort 15:35Kandy 18:05DailyC, E
30Inter City ExpressKandy 6:25Colombo-Fort 9:00DailyC, E
35ExpressColombo-Fort 16:55Kandy 20:00DailyA, B
36ExpressMatale 5:15Colombo-Fort 10:10DailyA, B
39ExpressMatale 13:15Kandy 21:00DailyA, B
40ExpressKandy 5:25Matale 13:15DailyA, B
45Night MailColombo-Fort 19:40Badulla 6:30DailyA, B
46Night MailBadulla 17:45Colombo-Fort 4:40DailyA, B
47Night MailColombo-Fort 22:00Badulla 8:45DailyA, B, D, F
48Night MailBadulla 19:50Colombo-Fort 5:50DailyA, B, D, F
50Night MailMatara 18:30Trincomalee 8:45DailyA, B
51Night MailTrincomalee 17:00Matara 7:15DailyA, B
56Gaalu KumariMaradana 13:40Matara 18:40Monday to FridayA, B
57Gaalu KumariMatara 7:25Maradana 11:50DailyA, B
58Ruhunu KumariMaradana 15:50Matara 19:30DailyA, B
59Ruhunu KumariMatara 5:40Maradana 9:20DailyA, B
77YaldeveColombo-Fort 5:45Vavuniya 11:50DailyA, B, G
78YaldeveVavuniya 13:15Colombo-Fort 19:20DailyA, B, G
82ExpressTrincomalee 9:45Colombo-Fort 17:45DailyA, B
85Rajarata RajiniMatara 9:15Vavuniya 20:25DailyA, B
86Rajarata RajiniVavuniya 3:15Matara 14:15DailyA, B
89Night MailColombo-Fort 21:30Vavuniya 4:25DailyA, B, D, F
90Night MailVavuniya 21:30Colombo-Fort 4:50DailyA, B, D, F
94Intercity Train/ExpressColombo-Fort 16:45Galle 19:15DailyC
95Intercity Train/ExpressGalle 7:40Colombo-Fort 10:00DailyC
96Express trainColombo-Fort 15:55Vavuniya 20:40DailyA
97Express trainVavuniya 5:45Colombo-Fort 10:25DailyA

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